Shogun’s Blade (PS2)


Shogun's Blade (PS2)

Re-live the historic battles of Mediaeval Japan with the Warlords, the feared «Shogun». Guide the young Samurai warriors through the bitter struggles for the destiny of the land. The game zone is crawling with dozens of fighters, cut a path through using devastating techniques to defeat the Supreme Commander, Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Countless opponents in an historic and extraordinary contest.
Use numerous objects to power up your skills!
Crush your enemies using the power of the Gems!
Lock on to your enemies, a new type of devastating attack.
You can target up to 100 enemies simultaneously!

Platform: PS2
Language: English
Region: PAL
Genre: Action
Type: CD
Format: Bin-Cue

Shogun's Blade (PS2)

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Shogun's Blade (PS2)