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AllPlayer  v

AllPlayer — бесплатный плеер польских разработчиков, поддерживающий множество форматов таких как (AVI, MPEG, MP3, MKV, DivX, Xvid, Flash, QuickTime, DVD, FLAC), работает непосредственно с DirectX, особо не загружая систему. Куча встроенных «фишек», например, можете делать субтитры, регулировка скорости, одновременная работа с несколькими файлами, скины, эффект антизамораживания. Работает под Win XP/Vista/7.

— ALLContainer – film review, cover, and subtitles all in one file.
— SnapShot — takes pictures of the films (stills).
— Option to redefine the keyboard.
— Automatic shutdown after watching a movie.
— Automatic switching off of the monitor after watching a movie.
— AutoResume — resume watching the movie from the point where we finished.
— Frame by frame browsing.
— The ability to play the movie as a desktop background.
— Possibility of changing the playback speed from 0.1x to 2x film speed.
— Possibility of changing contrast, brightness, or saturation.
— Possibility of changing balance, volume, and also through the AC3 sound filter, the possibility of switching output for any number of channels.
— OSD — On Screen Display.
— The ability to skip the film set in the program settings (default 10 seconds).
— Any size of window for the movie — using the mouse-drag option.
— Zoom in full screen mode.
— Easy access to filters used by video, as well as the ability to configure most of the available filters on your computer.
— Easy access to recently opened files.
— Repeat function.
— Widescreen TV support.
— Automatic selection of image resolution in full screen mode.
— Option to adjust film volume separately from computer volume.

Информация о программе:
Релиз выпущен: 2011
Платформа: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: ML/Rus
Лекарство: Не требуется (freeware)
Страница программы:
Размер файла: 21,0 Мб