If He Dies He Dies-The Rise….The Fall-2008


If He Dies He Dies-The Rise....The Fall-2008

Год: 2008
Стиль: Sludge/Southern Metal
Страна: United States of America (Muskegon, Michigan)
Качество: mp3@VBR220
Размер: 69,3 Мб
Общее время звучания: 43:45


01. Heroine 05:03
02. Clarity 03:44
03. Destroyer 03:11
04. Like A Man Possessed 04:02
05. Storm 03:05
06. Bringer 04:04
07. Save Your Savior 03:57
08. Paralysis 05:17
09. Feels Like The First Time 03:53
10. Baptism By Fire 07:35


Brent — Guitar, Lead Vocals
Ephraim — Bass
Daine — Drums
Tom- Guitar, Vocals

If He Dies He Dies-The Rise....The Fall-2008

If He Dies He Dies-The Rise....The Fall-2008

When it comes to progressive metalcore, this
West Michigan band is starting to ascend to the
top of the local heap

The group — Daine Hammerle (drums), Brent
Eckhardt (vocals, guitar), Tom Eilers (vocals
guitar), Ephraim Rosalez (bass) — even lists
former Detroit Red Wings’ pugilist/enforcer Bob
Probert as a major influence, which says a lot
about its feisty, driving music

Listen to the track, «Destroyer,» from the
band’s new CD, «The Rise … The Fall,» then
glean more about the band at ther myspace

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